Who we are


Kyle Bernier

Hi everyone, I'm Kyle.  I am an  art therapist who also has a passion for web design. my experience in the field of (art) therapy gives me an edge on identifying current trends in the field to help make sure your website is completely up-to-date to reach and interest the demographic you are looking for.


Mitchell Bernier

Hello, I'm Mitch.  My interest in web design started years ago when I worked on a website dedicated to a band (yes, a band fan site).  One of the skills I bring to web design is optimizing user interface, which basically means I ensure people are able to find the content they care about.

Why bernier web design?

That's a fair question. Here's our honest answer: We starting Bernier Web Design because it's something we enjoy doing. It's an opportunity for the two of us to work on projects together while creating something people can take pride in. We noticed many exceptional people in their respective fields weren't branding themselves in a way that accurately represented the great work they were doing - we decided this was something we could help out with. That is the guiding principle to our work - assisting people in creating a brand that truly represents how awesome they are! This isn't our full-time job, we both work in other fields and draw upon that work to influence how we approach our web design projects. We wouldn't do this if we didn't believe in ourselves or the work we're doing. So truly, thank you for being here, checking out our work, and considering us for your website. We want to get to know you as well! Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our work or have questions.


Kyle and Mitch